Alien Beer Podcast – Fell Down

I wrote “Fell Down” for The Iron Writer Challenge in September 2013. The terms of the challenge were to write a 500 word flash story using these four elements: A murderous unicorn; The Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle; A fantasy football draft must be a part of the main scene of the story; The story must be written from the POV of someone with a mental illness or developmental delay.

This was a special Iron Writer Challenge. It was the very first Iron Writer Grudge Match. I was challenged by Tony Jaeger, whose second was K.A. Davur, and M.D. Pitman stepped up to be my second. The result was that my story won the popular vote by one, but K.A. Davur’s won the judges’ votes, giving her an overall one point win over me. The other stories were all quite good, especially Ms. Davur’s “Kenny”, so I don’t feel bad coming in second.

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