Alien Beer – Rosedale Pub – Tall Tale

In this episode of Rosedale Pub, Alyssa meets True Colorado, a regular, who tells a rather tall tale.

I wrote this story in a café in Broad Ripple, a pretty part of my city. I was drawn to the cafe when I spotted a trans flag hanging from a balcony nearby. The café was open air, since one side of the building opened with garage doors. I sat at a table by myself with my laptop, tarot cards, and my coffee, and came up with “Tall Tale”, set in my new Rosedale Pub series.

I can’t stress enough how much I’ve missed writing somewhere other than my home office. Sure, my home office is comfortable and has everything I need. But a change of scenery provides a sense of being away from household worries and work, and that gave my creativity a big boost. And I daresay the sense of freedom that came with my away mission was good for the soul.

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