Alien Beer Podcast – Friends in Space

You may know that this podcast is named after my short story collection, Alien Beer and Other Stories. You may also know that I’ve already read every one of the stories in that book to you on this podcast.

However, I do have a secret cache of stories I wrote in 2019 when I attempted the Bradbury Challenge. Ray Bradbury famously wrote, “Write a story a week for a year. It’s impossible to write 52 bad stories in a row”. My author friend Kat Bradbury inspired me to do this when she took it up herself. She eventually turned it into her own podcast about writing short fiction. I managed 14 stories.

Anyway, I don’t have a Rosedale Pub story for you this week, because at the time of recording, I’m preparing to be a Featured Guest at Inconjunction Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. Some of you listening may be here because I plugged this podcast at that event. If so, welcome!

Instead, I have one of my Bradbury Challenge stories, written in May of 2019.

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Author. Brewer. Gamer. Geek. Trans.
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