InShoStoWriWe Day 2


timetowriteOkay, InShoStoWriWe* Day 2. Yesterday, I walked into the Kickoff Party with zero ideas, other than maybe using some of my novel characters for the story. After talking with Johnna Murphy, David Love, and Bethany K. Alexoff, I had a glimmer of a plot idea. This morning, I made myself do my morning exercise with no music or TV or anything to read, to give myself time to brainstorm. At the end, I rushed to my computer to type out notes from ideas I had, and now I have a rough outline of what I want in the story. I keep thinking of other things to throw in. I’ll have to put on the brakes to keep it from becoming something larger than short-story sized.

Bad news is, I will be scraping and scrabbling for time to actually WRITE this before Sunday, since I’m already overscheduled. Argh.

* Indiana Short Story Writing Week – a project brought to you by Nindy, the NaNo group in Indy!

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  1. Moonshade says:

    I’m glad to hear you’ve got some ideas! I wish you luck with your short stories this week!

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