My Iron Writer story is posted!

As you may recall, I entered the Iron Writer Challenge… 500 words (exactly), four prompts, in three days.

The result was my story, “Killer Cure”, which is going up against two other writers’ stories here:

Please go read the stories and vote for the best one.  Mine, of course. 🙂

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4 Responses to My Iron Writer story is posted!

  1. Good show, Eric. I love your story, “Killer Cure.” I need to check out some of your other fiction. I signed up for the Iron Writer challenge too, should be the first one in April. Can’t wait to see what my four prompts are. You did a great job with your four prompts!

  2. ericgarrison says:

    Thanks so much, Michael! It was a fun story to write. I highly recommend taking the Iron Writer Challenge! I think writing flash fiction is good for writers. It helped open my eyes to tightening up my writing to make every word count for more. Good luck, I’ll watch for yours to post.

    • So I went to Amazon and used my free borrow for the month to download Blue Spirit on the Kindle. On Chapter 2 now. I like the hook you set up with Chapter 1. Looking forward to seeing how the story progresses from here. I like Minnie. 🙂

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