I am the Iron Writer! Boo-yah!

Secret Ingredient: Me.

An Iron Writer Winner is me!

Two weeks ago, I was given the ingredients:

I had 4 days to write a flash story of exactly 500 words.  I was up against 3 other writers.  The challenge is so terrifying that one of us dropped out.

Not me. I took the challenge and wove those ingredients into my story, Killer Cure!

A week ago, the stories posted.  My challengers did well, crafting quite different stories that I enjoyed reading.

But I won, with almost 3/4 of all the votes. THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my story!

Voting Results

I highly encourage other writers to pick up the gauntlet and give The Iron Writer Challenge a try. Flash fiction writing is excellent practice at making every single word count and teaches great lessons about storytelling. The short deadline, the competition and the wacky elements all add up to an excellent combination.

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  1. Jarlie says:

    Wow! Congratulations. Won by a landslide.

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