Fandom Fest!

I’ve added a new convention to my calendar – Fandom Fest! I have never been to this convention, so it’ll be a thrilling new experience for me. I wasn’t going to go, but BOTH of my publishers (Seventh Star Press and Hydra Publications) will be there, as well as many of my Indiana Horror Writers friends.

So I figured, why not?

By that time, I will certainly have Reality Check and my first Road Ghosts novel, Four ’til Late, on hand, and possibly the second book, Sinking Down (fingers crossed).

I hope I haven’t overextended myself with conventions this year, but it’s gonna be a big debut year for me… 4 or 5 novels published in a single year!  I doubt I’ll ever top that. So, there’s no better year to get myself out there.

Do you think Shatner would like a copy of Reality Check?

See you in Louisville!

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