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Minnie Celebrates

Minnie Celebrates (Nell Williams)

Blue Spirit’s days are numbered.

It’s true. I’ll be taking down Blue Spirit from the Amazon store entirely sometime before the end of June. The only way you could get a copy after that is to buy one of the quite limited number of paperbacks I have in stock.

Why? Well, it’s all Seventh Star Press’s fault.  They liked my Road Ghosts trilogy so much, they offered me a six-book deal. Since Blue Spirit is a spin-off of that series, it’s included in the deal.  So when Four ’til Late comes out next month, I have to take Blue Spirit down.

What’s that mean? Well, each book is being rewritten and put through the editing wringer… I worked with SSP’s Josh already with Four ’til Late, and let me tell you, he won’t let me get away with anything. As a result Four ’til Late is a MUCH better book than it used to be, and I am proud of what’s come out of this process.  Sinking Down is already off going through that same process, and I’m both excited and nervous to see what comes back to me to fix. I’m hoping Sinking Down will be out this summer, before Gen Con.

One surprise though… originally Me and the Devil, which is the third Road Ghosts book, came out next. I’ve decided that chronologically, Blue Spirit happens before that book, and so it will be back out again by fall, also rewritten and smartly polished.

Oh, another thing, since it’s a six book deal, and since I like trilogies, this means that Blue Spirit has two sequels in the works, and they’ll come out the last Road Ghosts book, Me and the Devil. A working title for Skye’s series as a whole is “Tipsy Fairy Tales”. Got a better idea? Let me know.

If you’re interested in a signed paperback of the original edition of Blue Spirit, contact me with the form below.  There aren’t a lot left, so I’m asking $12 plus shipping. I accept payment through paypal. Oh and click the picture of Minnie to the right if you want to buy the Kindle edition for just $2.99.

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