Fandom Fest Stars Include Eric Garrison!

Fandom Fest 2013!

Greetings, citizens!

I am going to brave the crowds to attend Fandom Fest in Louisville, Kentucky this coming Friday through Sunday, July 26-28 along with my cohorts on The Corvus Quartet, RJ Sullivan, John F. Allen, and Michael West. I’ll be hanging out at the Seventh Star Press and Hydra Publications booths selling my books when I’m not on panels in the Literary Track:


5:30pm Urban Fantasy Today (rm 114)

7:00pm Writers Guide to Drinking – I wasn’t supposed to be on this one, but I pointed out my official SSP Brewmaster title and got added. 🙂 (rm 115)



11:30am Evolution of Steampunk (rm 115)

4:00pm Alternate History (rm 114)

5:30pm Paranormal Explorations (moderator) (rm 116)



10:00am Beta Reading (rm 114)

1:00pm  The Future of Physical Books (rm 113)

Other Seventh Stars in attendance include D. A. Adams, Steven Shrewsbury, Selah Janel, and I imagine Ali Justice and Stephen Zimmer.

I also hope to run into Kat French, Marian Allen, Ginny Fleming, Tony Acree, Janet Harriet, and maybe even the elusive but fabulous Red Tash!

Oh yeah, and I hear there are some other stars that will be at this shindig. Some guy named Stanley. Oh, right, Stan Lee, gotcha! And TJ Hooker himself, William Shatner, along with Jay and Silent Bob, Agent Scully, Captain Jack Harkness, and a man called Jayne. I hope they get some attention too, because the literary track is gonna blow everyone away!

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4 Responses to Fandom Fest Stars Include Eric Garrison!

  1. Tony Acree says:

    I’m looking forward to catching up to you in person, Eric. Besides, if I come visit you at your other publisher, I might just meet Stanley.

    • ericgarrison says:

      It’ll be great to see you too, Tony. Maybe I’ll learn something about your irresistible sales technique!

      Stanley? Eh he’s just zis guy, you know?

      • Tony Acree says:

        All I do is if they make eye contact but don’t break stride, I say hello. If they pause, I ask what the like to read. Anything to start a conversation. When all else fails I break out the princess wave.

  2. jwtroemner says:

    That’s awesome! I wish I could come~

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