Buy Four ’til Late – Now in the Kindle Store!

four-til-late3DHot off of Seventh Star‘s virtual press! E-ink still drying! FOUR ‘TIL LATE is now for sale in the Kindle store!

When I posted about the paper book, maybe you technophiles scoffed at the idea of getting a physical book to clutter up your shelves. Maybe you thought, “I want to have this book with me whereever I go, on my ereader, my tablet and my phone!”

Well, I am here to tell you, your wish has been granted. Go now, click on the image of the book and get your own copy. It’s less than a combo meal at McDonald’s… and you get to keep it, but not on your waistline! Not to mention helping out an indie artist. What’s not to like? Go get it!

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