A short excerpt from Four ’til Late

As part of the Coffin Hop blog tour, I’m posting a sample of Four ’til Late for you to read. I made a permanent page on this site for the whole excerpt, but I’ll start you off here. Happy hopping!

(We join Brett, Gonzo and Jimbo at the Effing Hole, a neighborhood bar in Effingham, Illinois, stopped off from their road trip for a bite to eat and a beer or two)

4tLsnipBrett said, “So what do you think about seeing an actual ghost on the highway back there? Was that cool or what? The guys on The Spook Board will be so jealous! ‘Course it’d have been better if I’d gotten a picture or better yet, video. It was a once-in-a-lifetime, that’s for sure!”

Jimbo snickered.

Gonzo gave him a dirty look. “I don’t know if it was a ghost or not. I don’t think I believe in ghosts. Whatever it was though, it was pretty strange. Anything that can make Brett here scream like a little girl sure is worth the price of admission.”

Brett protested. “Me? I seem to remember you just about going off the road, screaming your head off!”

Jimbo snorted. “You’re both out of your minds. It was fog. It’s a cliché, even. People have always been seeing things in the fog. Down in Bloomington, if you go off the main roads, out into the surrounding country, there’s always fog late at night. I’ve delivered out to the sticks and thought I’d seen all kinds of crazy things. Nothing scarier than this one time though.” He held up a finger while he drank more of his beer to wash down a French fry. (Read more)

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