Coffin Hop Winning Whiteboard Wednesday

Frogman Guard from Blue Spirit

Frogman Guard from Blue Spirit

Here is the winning suggestion, by Angela Graves Black, for today’s Whiteboard Wednesday!  She asked to see the Frogman Guards from Blue Spirit, so here you go!  Blue Spirit is currently out of print until sometime next year (probably Summer), when it will be re-released by Seventh Star Press.  The only place you can get it now is in paperback format from me from what stock I have left.

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2 Responses to Coffin Hop Winning Whiteboard Wednesday

  1. Lori Joyce Parker says:

    Explain the “white board” for the rest of us who’ll be sticking around after the Coffin Hop?

    • ericgarrison says:

      Good question! When I first worked with a cover artist for my novel Reality Check, I tried to describe what I wanted, but I found that even a lousy whiteboard sketch with stick figures helped share the visual I had. It was bad enough to be hilarious. I have had to do more as I’ve worked with other artists, and have found that the silly drawings on a whiteboard have been amusing to people on my Facebook page. I started posting one each week on Wednesday last month. There’s a small collection of them over there if you’re curious.

      And thanks for sticking around after the Coffin Hop! 🙂

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