It’s not you, it’s NaNo – a warning to my friends.

Dear friends,

I’ve set this to post just before midnight [edit: except it went out at noon instead, oh well…] Most of my friends know this already, but just to be sure…

I’m doing National Novel Writing Month for the 6th time. That means I will be spending nearly all my spare time hammering out ~2000 words a day on a new novel, with a goal of at least 50,000 words in the 30 days of November. Except I know it’s not 30 days. I can’t really write much on Thanksgiving, followed by no time to write during the Starbase Indy convention. I also have Fridays where I’ll only have lunchtime to write (Friday night is date night with Amy – extra important because even she is not going to see me all that much during November).  So that means only 23 days where I’ll be writing, turning up the pressure to get closer to 2200 words per day.

So I’m going to be turning down just about every invitation to hang out and socialize during November. Sorry, the “no” isn’t personal. I do this craziness for me, and it’s a little selfish, I admit. But I need this, it’s very important to me. We can get together in December, instead, okay?



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