LISTEN to Troll or Derby – now an audiobook!

Troll or Derby Audiobook!

Troll or Derby is now an AUDIOBOOK on!

We wants it, O yes, we wants it, precioussss… Ahem. My friend, the fabulous Red Tash, has created an audiobook version of her dark fairy tale (or fairy dark tale). I have the book and the ebook, but I want to LISTEN to this story.

If you like audiobooks for listening to on your iPod or phone, maybe for knocking around in the last days of fall, or maybe you want something to listen to as you drive over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house later this month… if you’re a fan of fantasy or fairy tales or rollerderby or all of the above, you’ll want this preciousssss recording too.

And unlike Gollum’s precious… we can BOTH have it, O yes we can…

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