NaNoWriMo Whiteboard Wednesday #1 – Restless Spirit cover

Skye battles the Chained Lord at Big Con

Skye battles the Chained Lord at Big Con

I am writing the first sequel to Blue Spirit this November, called Restless Spirit. In this book, Skye is on a mission to find dark magics and stop them from being used. Only there’s more than one supernatural force at work at Big Con, and Skye is caught in the middle.

I have a confession: this was not drawn on a whiteboard. (gasp) It was drawn on paper with whiteboard markers as part of the kickoff festivities for NaNoWriMo here in Indianapolis (Nindy). No, that is NOT bacon to the left, it’s a Big Con banner that’s been torn down. Skye is NOT on top of a cake, it’s a sort of dais/stage that she’s standing on to give herself a little height on the giant troll.

Having a cover concept for a novel ahead of time is a great way to have a vision to work toward, even if you trash it and go with something else later. Having that cover image makes it all feel more real, that finishing is inevitable. It’s a terrible waste of writing time, though I admit I’ve burned a day in past NaNo months to make a cover. But I did that on a day I was burned out, so it helped recharge my creative batteries.

Restless Spirit current wordcount: 13,469

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