More NaNoWriMo bits. Restless Spirit, Chapter 15

justminnieIn which Minnie sasses a troll.

Limestone’s hand gripped my shoulder, stopping me short. He leaned in and murmured in my ear, “Mind yerself, pretty thing. Hate to see you squooshed. Boss needs you, yer fine. After that? Well, better watch yerself, that’s all.”

Minnie said, “She’s not in this alone, blockhead.”

I said, “Hush. That’s a kindly bit of advice for a troll, isn’t it?”

“Har. And blockhead’s a friendly endearment. Weren’t for the iron-handling, I’d wonder if the little one had a bit of troll in her.”

Minnie made a raspberry. “No troll in me. I’m a special snowflake.”

“You bet. Har. Now go, before you end up in someone’s belly.”

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