NaNoWriMo-ing ahead despite “life happening”

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It’s been a rough week. My stepdad passed away. Work was extra-specially contentious and difficult. My stepdaughter was t-boned by another car that ran a red light late at night. The driver of that car ran off on foot. We were in the hospital until the wee hours having my stepdaughter’s injuries checked out, only to get up 4 hours later to go to a funeral 90 minutes away. Then, during a nasty storm that had tornadoes damaging other parts of the state, our house lost power from afternoon through mid-morning the next day.

Needless to say, all this emotionally draining stuff hitting so close together left me with no energy or time to write. I thanked last-week-me for writing like the wind to get a good lead, because I started off today behind “par” to be on track to complete by the end of the month.

I had the day off, and though writing went slow, and time was taken up dealing with the tail end of the power outage, I wrote enough to regain a 1 day lead on “par”.

Life happens, and writing can’t always be priority #1, not even during National Novel Writing Month. To get through the harder stuff, I had to give myself permission to be behind, maybe even not “win” this time around, despite 5 other “wins” behind me.

But maybe I’m still in the game after all. I just hope “life” lightens up a bit for awhile. I’m due.

Quote of the day from Restless Spirit:

The L.T. glanced up at the sky again. “You sure it’s not alien mind control tech?”

I laughed, I’m ashamed to admit. But really, how much more ridiculous is the idea of alien technology than a magic item infused with life-draining shadow powers?

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  1. Good luck with your writing. I hope to see more of your thoughts on writing soon.

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