“Quantum of Solstice” by J.P. Bastin – GotM whiteboard style!

Quantum of Solstice

No, don’t look at your calendar, today isn’t Wednesday (as I type this anyway), it’s Tuesday! This is a special whiteboard post to show off yet another of the stories within Gifts of the Magi: A Speculative Holiday Collection! This time, J.P. Bastin’s characters Cassie and Quin toast the new year from space station Daedalus as part of the series of thrilling capers they’ve been sent on in a dystopian future that’s just beyond the horizon.

The Kindle edition of the anthology is still on sale at $2.99, a dollar less than the usual price, today and tomorrow. The paperback can be had for Amazon’s sale price of $9 (plus shipping, unless you’re a Prime member like me) or you can get it in person at Indy Reads Books, if they have any left.


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