“Christmas Special” – GotM Whiteboardpalooza (incl. flying bus)!

Christmas SpecialWell, this is MY story in the Gifts of the Magi anthology. It involves characters from the Road Ghosts Trilogy and the upcoming Tipsy Fairy Tales, including that magical rascal, the Transit King. Didn’t we just see him— yes, yes we did. 🙂 Let’s just say that I had a lot of fun drawing on Rankin & Bass as my muses for this story.

This will be my last blog post until after Christmas, I hope you’ve enjoyed the drawings, and I hope they made you curious about the book we put together to benefit Indy Reads Books literacy charity. It’s been a blast, and a learning experience. I’m very proud of the result.

Happy Holidays from me to you! And if you travel this Christmas, may the Transit King watch over you and yours.


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