Whiteboard Wednesday: Steampunk dreams

Trans-Continental DreamerYup, it came to me in a dream. One night in November, I woke at around 2:30am with a movie-like dream fading in my mind. I rushed out to the kitchen and stood shivering as I scribbled any and all details that I could on the pad of paper we use for the grocery list. In the morning, I had a lot of scrawl that even I had a hard time deciphering, but the important things came through. A transgender woman character and an artful dodger type partner, flying around a steampunk world in an airship with no ladder. So they had to float up to tall things, like buildings or ships with tall masts, to climb out. They were likeable criminals, just taking what they needed to get by.

I ended up dropping the work I had in progress, and in December, I started writing Trans-Continental: Girl in the Gears. It’s not a lot like the dream I had, but that seed of an idea has blossomed into something I’m very proud of, and excited to share with the world. It’s in final edits now. My plan is to have it out by June, but that may change depending on how things fall together.

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