Whiteboard Cover for Mean Spirit – a Tipsy Fairy Tale! #amwriting #NaNoWriMo

Mean Spirit Whiteboard Cover

Skye and Minnie fend off some nasty little pukwudgies in the woods!

Hello Whiteboard Wednesday fans! Today, for my own amusement and inspiration, I created a (very) rough working cover for Mean Spirit – A Tipsy Fairy Tale (#3). The NaNoWriMo site says people who post covers while writing are 60% more likely to “win” than others. I guess I’ve done this kind of thing every year EXCEPT last year, the only year I “lost” at NaNo. So here it is!

This book has been kind of cursed for me. It was originally going to be the sequel to Blue Spirit (before I came up with “Tipsy Fairy Tales” for the series), and I started in the middle of the year but I ended up writing Reality Check in November instead that year because I had been inspired. Then I realized there should be a book between Blue Spirit and Mean Spirit, so I wrote Restless Spirit. THAT book is at the Seventh Star Press editor right now.

So, poor Mean Spirit has been pushed further out for 4 years now. I’ve got a bit shy of 4000 words down, having started over, leaving almost 10,000 of the original words on the cutting room floor so I could tell a story more in line with the other two Tipsy Fairy Tales. Wish me luck!

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