In The Hall of the Transit King! A Restless Spirit / Tipsy Fairy Tales Whiteboard Wednesday



Today, I bring you a glimpse into the upcoming second book in the Tipsy Fairy Tales series, Restless Spirit! I am working with Seventh Star artist Anne Rosario, who is creating a cover and interior art for the book. I drew this scene for her as an idea for the first of the interior pieces. It’ll be interesting to eventually compare my crude drawing to the beautiful art she produces.

It’s an interesting time for me as an author. I have three books waiting in the wings to come out. Restless Spirit has been edited and waits only on the art and layout to be published. Trans-Continental: Mississippi Queen is out to beta readers and will go to editing next month. Mean Spirit, the third Tipsy Fairy Tale, isn’t quite finished, and I plan to get back to it within a couple of weeks.

I hope your December is going well. Me, I am beyond psyched about seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens this coming Friday!!!

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