InConJunction 2016 here I come!


As I have done for the past several years, I’ll be selling books and in panel discussions, along with Speculative Fiction Guild friends, John F. Allen, R.J. Sullivan, and Matthew Barron! We are joined this year by Maurice M. McKiernan. It will be an amazing time.

My latest Seventh Star Press book, Restless Spirit, a Tipsy Fairy Tale  will debut at InConjunction. If you liked my Blue Spirit, you will love this second book in the Tipsy Fairy Tales series!

Here’s  my schedule for InConJunction this year (July 1-3, 2016):

Event Day Starting Time Other Panelists
Shared, Mirrored, and Swapped Bodies Friday 8:00 PM Matthew Barron; E. Chris Garrison; Shannon Eichorn; Katina French; Ms Marian Allen
Geek Girls Unite! Reflections on Female Characters Saturday 5:00 PM TammyJo Eckhart; E. Chris Garrison; Katina French; Ms Marian Allen; Sara Deurell
The Economics of Self-Publishing Sunday 12:00 PM E. Chris Garrison; Christopher Kennedy; Zen DiPietro; Kyle Schenetzke


Please come see me! No admission needed to just visit the Vendor room at InConJunction, but the whole con is definitely worth checking out!

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