Announcing Alien Beer and Other Stories

I am proud to present to you, my new short story anthology, Alien Beer and Other Stories! Many of these have appeared in other publications over the years, many others have been a part of the Iron Writer Challenge flash fiction competition, and still others have never been in print before — and I’m dying to share them with you at long last!

Currently only available as a paperback book on Amazon, this collection will debut tomorrow at Inconjunction Science Fiction and Fantasy convention, where I’ll be a guest and vendor again this year, along with my cohorts in the Speculative Fiction Guild, R.J. Sullivan, Matthew Barron, John F. Allen, and some others.

So, without further ado, here’s Alien Beer and Other Stories!

AlienBeerAMZNcover23 Fantastic Tales!

Come along as E. Chris Garrison tells her strange tales of science fiction and fantasy. Twenty-three stories await you inside this book. Many have been published elsewhere, some have appeared online, and still others have been waiting patiently to be discovered. Some of them include:

  • “A Bone to Pick” is a ghost hunting story, from the ghost’s point of view.
  • “The Spark” reveals a dark side of Reality Check.
  • Ida from Trans-Continental gets her start in “Moonlight Blossom”.
  • In “Personal Space,” Trog tells us of his anti-social superpower.
  • In the world of Road Ghosts, “Spectral Delivery” mixes ghosts, Valentine’s Day, and pizza.
  • Is “Shelby” a boy or a girl, or something else?
  • Little Minnie from the Tipsy Fairy Tales goes solo in “Seelie Goose”.

Alien Beer and Other Stories paperback edition.

Kindle edition: TBA.

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