Blood sisters: Duffy & Ida meet Dracula

Bonus whiteboard, since I was inspired to be silly. Steampunk sweethearts have an unlikely run-in with the legendary vampire but Duffy is not impressed.

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2 Responses to Blood sisters: Duffy & Ida meet Dracula

  1. John F. Allen says:

    I like the concept, but I’d have Dracula standing behind them with the moon and airship above and a cityscape surrounding them. Also, since Duffy is unimpressed, have her face show sketicism, while Ida is surprised, shocked or scared, etc…
    Just a friendly suggestion my friend! KEEP BEING GREAT!!!

  2. John F. Allen says:

    Regarding my earler comment, was this a book cover idea? My bad if I looked at it wrong. I was so excited about something NEW coming from you with these characters. I apologize for my overzealousness! 🙂

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