My new home on the web!

Okay, so I’ve resisted having a separate web presence as an author. Until now. I think I resisted because I already have a presence so many different places… Livejournal was first, poor dead Myspace came next, then Facebook and Twitter. Not to mention Yahoo and Google profiles, Flickr, and probably others I’ve forgotten.

I’ve also had my own domain and website,, going back to 1997.

So why something new, and why WordPress?

I’ve played with WordPress before, as the blog for a website I managed for a few years. It’s flexible and professional-looking. Livejournal’s okay, but I wanted someplace with more signal and less noise for my author website. Since this is my first actual post, it still echoes here, but you have to start somewhere!  Once I get into the swing of things, this site should get prettier and have more interesting content.

Also until now, I was able to get away with pointing people at my author page on Lulu, but recently I’ve had some short stories accepted for publication.  My world as an author is expanding, and I realized that I need a place to put it all together.

This is the place.  I’m really happy with the editing and customizing tools here so far.  I’ll try to make things interesting!

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  1. Andrew Poland says:

    Looks nice!

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