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Blue Spirit Cover

Blue Spirit by Eric Garrison

Coming soon to this space… a conversation between Skye, the main character of my Blue Spirit, and Blue from RJ Sullivan’s Haunting Blue!  This came about because RJ and I noticed a lot of eerie similarities between our novels, both released around the same time.  The main characters had enough in common (having lived in Broad Ripple at the same time, having paranormal experiences, and more) that we thought they should sit down and have a chat over coffee.

The girls’ chat will be posted in two parts, and will include striking artwork to go along with it!

It’s been fun to work with RJ on this, and has even helped me flesh out more of the plot of Mean Things … the novel I’ve been trying to get a start on which also stars Skye.

RJ and I have been working with Nell Williams, who has done some amazing CGI artwork to depict Skye and Blue.  It’s incredible getting to see my character, and not just in my head!  She’s done a beautiful job, and I can’t wait to share the imaged of Skye with everyone.

I’ll let you know when it’s posted!

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