Lizzie – “I Was in Love With a Ghoul!”

Lizzie - Whiteboard Wednesday

Lizzie – From my Whiteboard Wednesday drawings.

Today on the Sinking Down blog tour, I am a guest on Crymsyn Hart’s blog, “Vampires, Witches, and me, oh my!”. Crymsyn asked me to do a character post, that is, I have one of my characters do the blogging for me. My Lizzie was good enough to step up and save me the trouble of writing something. And of course, she went with the outrageous topic of “I Was In Love With a Ghoul!” because she’s Lizzie. And that’s why she’s everyone’s favorite character in the Road Ghosts books.

I love her too, but there’s something wrong with that girl.


Cymsyn Hart

Vampires, witches, and me, oh my! – Crymsyn Hart’s blog

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