NaNoWriMo… in July?

Alphasmart Neo

The right tool for the job of pounding out words… and NO FACEBOOKING!

I’m writing this declaration of intent to help hold me to a goal: I intend to write half a novel in July.

Why half? Why July?

Well, November is the usual month for National Novel Writing Month, but I have a work trip planned for November that will take up over a week of that month. Something disruptive like that is sure to sabotage my noveling. So… I am making a preemptive strike and have made a pact with my friend Johnna that we will write no less than  25,000 words in July. That means not just half the words, but July has a whole extra day in it. That means barely more than 800 words per day on average.

Easy peasy. I’ve written more than 800 words on my lunch break.

I may regret those words, especially since I’ll be spending 3 of those days attending the InConjunction science fiction/fantasy convention as a guest (and selling my books in the vendor room!), but I think it’ll be good to get back in a regular writing routine again.

Hmm, and I have some Iron Writer events coming in July too.

I hope this turns out okay.  Wish me luck!

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