Freaking out two days before Imaginarium!

20140917_221000-picsayAaaaaaaaa! So much to do, no time to do it!

Tonight, I went out and celebrated my brother’s birthday, and so I am writing this somewhat under the influence. I’d just call it a night, but I know I have only tonight and tomorrow night to prepare for the Imaginarium Convention! I’m stressing enough about this inaugural event that I had restless dreams last night about bombing on the panels I am moderating.

So. To avoid some of that, I’m getting a few things out of the way tonight. I took inventory of my books (including the brand new Me and the Devil!!!) and boxed up almost all of them to take to Imaginarium. I suppose it’ll be a problem if I sell out and have nothing much to bring to Context Convention the next week, but it’s kind of a problem I want to have!

What about sales??? I’m debuting the WHOLE Seventh Star Press Road Ghosts Trilogy this weekend for the first time… I’m super excited and nervous about that. PLEASE BUY MY BOOKS!!!1!!

I’ve got my Square signage, my book stands, and my postcards to give away. I still have to go to the bank to get change for cash-paying customers. Maybe I can do that on the way out of town on Friday?

And yeah, I am on 5 panels, moderating 2 of them. I’m not a complete slouch at my moderating topics… “LGBT Themes in Modern Literature” (I myself am “T” transgender, and I have a bisexual main character in one of my series), and “Steampunk Today” (Reality Check is at least 40% Steampunk, baby!) but I fret and worry anyway that I won’t have enough good questions, or not the right questions to make everyone happy. The other three are more winging it, so I am not as worried about those.

Then there’s what to wear!!! Do I wear the steampunk dress, corset, and silly hat with goggles I wore to Steampunk World’s Fair? Or is that too much? Should I just wear my kilt and be more casual/geeky?

And ERMEHGERD there are So. Many. People. I want to hang out with this weekend, there’s absolutely no way I’ll manage to see all of them! Ack! (I hope I get to go to the Troll Pub with Red Tash. That’d be amazing!!!)

Okay okay. Calm down. I got this. I’ve been to so many cons before, this is going to be fine. It’s going to be awesome. If I fail at all, it’ll just be amazing, and not quite awesome. Right?

OMG even the title is all wrong! It’s LESS THAN TWO DAYS! Aaaaaaaaa!!!

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3 Responses to Freaking out two days before Imaginarium!

  1. Bethany Hatheway says:

    Oh gosh. As someone who just published their first book, I can’t imagine the feeling of holding an entire box of your own books and actually worrying that you might sell out of them!

    • ecgarrison says:

      Oh of course I want to do this, it’s just social anxiety and nerves talking.

      And i very much doubt I’ll sell out of anything. I am just fretting. This was all stream of consciousness. Welcome to my busy head! 🙂

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