Whiteboard Wednesday: Big Ol’ Smoocheroo (Sinking Down)

Shell smooches Brett

Shell catches Brett off guard at the County Cork with an unexpected kiss.

Caught on camera! Poor Brett. Just last night, he went looking for a chupacabra in the woods with his girlfriend Lizzie. Only they found a little ghoul instead, which she insisted on taking home. All he wants is a little time out with his buddy Gonzo, having a few pints at the pub, when he’s ambushed. A cute girl with blue bangs surprises him with a toe-curling kiss. Later, Lizzie sends him the photo. Busted! Worse, she says she’s leaving with her ex on a road trip with the little ghoul.

Even if you haven’t read Four ’til Late, each of the Road Ghosts Trilogy is written in a way that they can be read out of order. This book, Sinking Down, is special to me because the opening chapter came to me in a dream (and I woke up laughing!), it introduced Skye (who has gone on to have her own series), and has had the most reactions of “I did not see that coming!” from readers.

But hey, if you want to read them in order, you can pick up Four ’til Late for 99 cents until my publisher changes his mind.

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