Jimmy & Minnie, and my year-end update. – Whiteboard Wednesday #nanowrimo OMG #amwriting


Jimmy the dog happily takes “fairy” Minnie for a ride during my work in progress, Mean Spirit (Tipsy Fairy Tales #3).

So, first off, on Sunday evening, I “won” National Novel Writing Month for the 7th time! I swear to you, it gets more difficult each time, at least in part because it’s harder to turn off the internal editor. Another factor was Trans-Continental: Mississippi Queen, whose first draft I finished literally the day before this year’s NaNoWrimo.

And I have to tell you, I am exhausted. I’ve written over 90,000 words since July, 50,061 of those in November. If you include Girl in the Gears, I’ve written over 130,000 words in 12 months! And I still have something like 8,000 words left to FINISH Mean Spirit. I think I may have doubled any previous annual wordcount I may have had before.

Not to mention full edits of Blue Spirit, Restless Spirit, and Girl in the Gears (plus layout and so on for the latter), going to conventions and . It’s been a BUSY year for me as a writer.

…and I find myself with the luxury of getting to pick my next writing project. Will it be a collaborative piece involving Skye? Will it be the next episode of Trans-Continental? Will I go crazy and do something that’s NOT in an established series? That answer is going to have to wait, because I’m not starting anything new until January. Probably.

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