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Inconjunction 2015: Success! Also, I have an Instagram problem…

InConjunction is a science fiction & fantasy convention in Indianapolis, held every year on Independence Day Weekend. And it was a great year, I sold more books at this InCon than the previous two combined, and beat my overall record … Continue reading

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InConjunction 2015 here I come! Plus: Get a Magic Token!

Amy and I have been going to InConjunction Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Indianapolis since 2009 as fans, and this is my third year as a guest and vendor. I will be with other Speculative Fiction Guild folks: R.J. … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Moxie – A very Star Trek Whiteboard Wednesday @MoxieMagnus

My dear friend Moxie had a birthday this week*, and I drew this for the occasion to commemorate her recent shore leave fun on K-7 Station. Moxie was kind enough to encourage me with Girl in the Gears, and gave … Continue reading

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The Seven Levels of Skye!

In my Bitten by Books interview, Sheila Deeth asked a great question: Sheila Deeth June 19, 2015 at 12:21 pm Loved the interview! And I like how you describe Skye’s 3 levels. I remember reading once, long ago and I’ve … Continue reading

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My Bitten By Books Q&A event is going on NOW (June 18th)

Come chat with me (more or less) live at the Bitten By Books event until later this evening:

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An Interview with E. Chris Garrison: Steampunk Author!

Originally posted on Cogpunk Steamscribe:
What was your introduction to the Steampunk genre? I blame my interest in the genre on William Gibson and Bruce Sterling for their collaborative novel, The Difference Engine. I’d been a fan of Gibson’s for…

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Moxie Magnus on Whiteboard Wednesday!

For Whiteboard Wednesday, I decided my dear friend Moxie would make a great guest star on my blog! She is of course the fabulous Chief Cosmetology Officer of the Federation Starship Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk. Lucky for me, … Continue reading

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Troll or Park – Roller Deb meets the Water Queen

For today’s Whiteboard Wednesday, I bring you a scene from Red Tash’s Troll or Park (the anxiously awaited sequel to her brilliant Troll or Derby). Roller Deb is out in Las Vegas for RollerCan – a roller derby tournament like … Continue reading

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“In Defense of Boldness” by RJ Sullivan – Whiteboard Wednesday

Meet Sparkle… a low rent witch with even lower standards. She’s tacky, she’s whimsical, and she’s powerful. She’s also the sometimes adversary of my friend R.J. Sullivan’s paranormal investigator, Rebecca Burton (pictured as a mermaid on Sparkle’s coffee mug here). … Continue reading

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“Quantum of Solstice” by J.P. Bastin – GotM whiteboard style!

No, don’t look at your calendar, today isn’t Wednesday (as I type this anyway), it’s Tuesday! This is a special whiteboard post to show off yet another of the stories within Gifts of the Magi: A Speculative Holiday Collection! This … Continue reading

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